We do not currently offer any callouts for repairs inside your property - for   Mobiles or Tablets - home or business -


Help for the older generation!

ADV Services is happy to say customer satisfaction is our main prority. We dont like any unhappy customer, We will always do our best to help out with any problem and we know with the current economic climate that customers want a relaible cost effective company

Honesty is so hard to find with famliy and friends not always being available and too busy to take time out to help. But all is not lost maybe we can help ? We are offering to come to you and bring you up to speed with how technolodgy has changed and to try and save you money by bringing you into the online world

HELP WITH TECHNOLODGY - - Save money on your house bills

Our idea is to come out to your home and bring you into the age of technolodgy, It can be so hard to understand and get the best deal on your bills, Also finding the right gadget set up for your home in this mindfield of technolodgy.

Are you in need of help? advservices can come to you and explain your problem in the simplest way, We know much about consumer rights and how to get the best deal!    even if it is just to set up your electronic device, if its just a simple problem with emails, set up video to call your freinds and famliy or help with setting up your mobile / tablet / pc or laptop

If its questions about setting your up a TV or Audio device, or you simply want a friendly face to explain anything to you, We are here and charge very little for this service and you might just save ££££££££

You can call us for saving on your Energy bills, Internet bills, SKY or Virgin, We can help with your phone bill and more - We can explain about online shopping and set you up with eBay, Amazon or PayPal we will explain the postives and the negatives and help you decided whats best suits you - Yes we do charge a fee for coming to you but the fee can be a very small % of the money we can save you in the future

We can give advice on anything you struggle to understand when it comes to technolodgy

Just call us Tel: 0113 8150846 - We will always be honest if we cannot help :)

We give advice on technolodgy

Although we have worked within the insurance industry for brown goods which incls

DSG Retail, Retra for over 19 years which incls working on warranty basis for some very large manufactures incl Sony, Phillips, Toshiba, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Hitachi,

We have served the public and businesses for over 6 years and we know about buying technolodgy and will give you the best advice possible.

Note Customers - we want to make this clear -

That we are not solicitors and we can help guide you only, Any advice given is always available to public and we cannot help with any legal matters should any courts be involved.